Research tells us that medication is not always the only answer when a person is ill. Sometimes exercise works as well if not better. If you Google this you’ll see this applies to everything from back pain to mental health challenges; from diabetes to arthritis and more.

This is because exercise can:

  • Improve your heart health and blood pressure

  • Help lower your blood sugar levels

  • Lift your mood

  • Increase strength and endurance

  • Improve physical function

  • Help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight

  • Reduce joint and muscle pain and improve flexibility


Your GP may have suggested you exercise in which case I’m qualified to support you as a personal trainer within the areas of Basingstoke or Alton.  If not you may want to seek their advice before you start.

You’ll find that any fitness plan I devise for you will be safe, supportive, enjoyable and appropriate.

“Alex is very knowledgeable and understanding when it comes to exercising through and after periods of ill health ...just the tonic!”

Most people are able to maintain motivation with support and are surprised when they find themselves enjoying exercise despite the fact that this is actually something that’s central to my approach!

Please ask about your free no-obligation taster session.

I am proud to support

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