I think we all realise that many people don’t do nearly enough exercise. Of course, there are lots of reasons not to!  Things like

  • It’s too difficult

  • I don’t know where to start

  • I don’t have time

  • I find it boring

  • I don’t want people looking at me

However, many of us get to a certain age where we recognise that remaining fit and active into our senior years is going to need some work.


And we may be driven to that conclusion by medical advice or by the recognition that we don’t want our joys in life – like walking the dogs or playing with the grandchildren – to diminish

You may even have read about the recent 8 year study which says that a healthy life which includes exercise could reduce your risk of dementia even in those with genetic predisposition

However , most people do benefit from ongoing support and you’ll find my approach as a personal fitness trainer to your 45 minute personal training is flexible and fun:

  • in terms of your lifestyle,  physical ability and budget

  • because there’s no point asking you to do something you don’t like!

What’s more we’ll train at a time and place to suit you within the areas of Basingstoke and Alton.

"I was in an "exercise rut" and Alex has shown me lots of new exercise and routines to keep boredom at bay. Happy to recommend!"

Please ask about your free no-obligation taster session.

I am proud to support

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