If you were offered a wonder drug that could …

  • boost energy after treatment

  • reduce side effects like lymphoedema, anxiety, depression and impaired mobility

  • help you recover physical function, manage fatigue, improve your quality of life and aid mental health in the long term

  • potentially reduce the risk of recurrence

…would you take it?

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In their  report “Move More”  Macmillan Cancer Support calls physical activity “the underrated wonder drug”  which is why I sincerely believe that exercise and physical activity are critical and often overlooked components of a cancer patient’s recovery.  You can find this report here. - it's worth a read!

This view about beneficial exercise for those with cancer is not new. Medical organisations around the world have been citing this since 2010 - but this may not be what you hear from some medical professionals. There’s still talk about resting and conserving energy when this may actually contribute towards a vicious cycle of decreased physical function and increased fatigue which is hard to break.

 In the Breast Cancer Survivorship Care Guideline by the American Cancer Society they say “Breast cancer survivors should strive to exercise at least 150 minutes moderately or 75 minutes vigorously per week and should include strength training exercises at least 2 days per week

More recently a 2017 report on “Exercise programs for cancer survivors”concluded

“It is time that we change our thinking about caring for cancer survivors and become proactive advocates for restorative exercise during and following treatment. Ideally, restorative exercise should begin as soon as possible after diagnosis to enable the cancer patient to improve his or her tolerance of treatment, and to reap the physical and emotional benefits of exercise.[1,3] However, it is never too late to refer a survivor to an exercise program. Exercise at any point in the survivorship trajectory helps to maintain and improve functional ability, body composition, and quality of life”

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