Hi, I'm Alex Conboy

Having been through breast cancer myself,  I was inspired by an increasing amount of research which points to the fact that getting active and moving more is often overlooked as powerful aids to recovery.

Contrary to much advice around rest and recuperation I found that exercising and keeping as active as possible

  • Helped me to handle treatment more easily

  • Made me feel so much better and in control

  • And helped me recover more quickly from surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy


I realise this is highly individual and, of course, everyone’s experience of cancer is different, but I’d encourage you to look at my Affected by Cancer? page to read the research on this.

In fact I was SO inspired I qualified as a Level 4 personal trainer specialising in cancer and exercise rehabilitation to help me make a positive difference to the lives of anyone who is affected by cancer.  This means you’re supported by someone who not only understands, but also provides a fitness plan that is safe and appropriate for you if you live in or near Basingstoke or Alton

On good days and less good days.

I additionally hold the level 3 GP referral qualification which means I can support you if you’ve been told by a medic al professional that you ‘d benefit from exercise . See my page for medical conditions

By the way, I can occasionally offer pro bono support so please enquire.

Please ask about your free no-obligation taster session.

I am proud to support

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